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New Rock 'n Roll Marathon Queretaro, Mexico

The first Rock 'n Roll Marathon Queretaro will be held Oct. 2. There's also a half marathon. Director: German Silva.

    New Advisory Council NYRR installed with worldclass athletes

    The night before the NYCM 2015 a new advisory council was installed by George Hirsch, among the members: Paula Radcliffe, Joan Benoit, Tegla Loroupe, Paul Tergat, Bill Rodgers, Haile Gebreselassie and German Silva.

      Recipe to become a winner, Published in by Roy van den Anker 06/14/2015

      As a runner he has a long list of titles and international victories. He is twice winner of the New York Marathon. He represented Mexico twice in the Olympics and in addition to its own results, he coached other successful runners. Enough to talk about with German Silva about how to achieve success. Based on his years of experience he created his own system for success in any field and shared with us the pillars of its system.
      Love comes first.
      I have learned in my life that to be happy one needs some aspects in life. For me personally, it's simple and clear. Love comes in the first place.
      Love comes first. I learned to love what I do and I learned to love the people around me - German Silva
      I have learned to do what is in my heart and love people around me. The result is that I have a lot of love. If this is your base you'll always know what's good for you and what is not. Then you live (again) on your intuition. We live in a world where many people feel their intuition is lost. We work so hard and are so busy with everyday life that we have no more time for what's really important. Many people are completely separated from their intuition. As a result, they experience a lot of problems in their lives from which they cannot be released. They are in the "rat race". Practicing sports, especially running, you can bring people back in touch with their intuition, their human instincts. Running is not just a sport, it is a language. Not only verbally but also a body language. A language that helps you succeed in life, even if you do not win once.
      Running is not a sport, it is a language -German Silva
      My father taught me the language of intuition when I was young. I was already running when one day he wanted me to sell oranges. He taught me to observe people and trust. There was once a person who wanted to buy 100 kilos of oranges and wanted to pay later. My father spoke to the man, gave the oranges and let him pay later. There was another time when we went to the market and he left me with 5,000 kilos of oranges to be sold and he would return after five days. I thought I could never do that and I remembered the example of my father. I found some guys and gave them some oranges to eat. When I learned that I could trust them I asked if they were interested in gaining some money. Of course they wanted. I gave each one them a cart with oranges to sell. They had fun and returned with the money and asked for more oranges. The next time they paid me in advance. That's what I mean by intuition. Practice trusting your feelings and you get solutions that you didnt dare to imagine. So you solve problems and challenges in your head.

      Common sense
      Secondly you must use your common sense to be happy. Everyone understands and has a form of intelligence. The only question is how you bet. Often, it is only used in order to provide your own needs, regardless of others. Sometimes we use it at the expense of others. It is very important how you use the gifts you are born with and regarding the commitment you have with life. If you can trust your intuition, you know that some men are good for you and who are not. Who will you give your time and energy and who you’ll leave politely but deliberately out of your life? That is a feature of runners. They do not fight at the expense of others. They’re not fighting against each other to win. When someone is better than you, you respect him, because he is better than you, because he used his skills better.
      Train adversity
      Whether you run in the morning or start the day walking with your dog, or you run fast or slow: moving your body is important. It leaves a good feeling to start the day. It enriches you. I'm spiritual and I believe that we must continually nurture achieving our goals and achievements. Each race gives you those moments of victory. Overcome your reluctance, bad weather, your times and push yourself doing a thorough exercise. Thus starting the day, you are ready to face the challenges of the day. You train in coping with setbacks. Whatever you do, if you're an architect, businessman, politician or whatever , the combination with movement helps you to experience more happiness.
      Thus, I enjoy every marathon I run, even marathons that I didn’t finish. Because I know myself. I know my body. I learned what are my physical and mental limits. And that knowledge I use in my next challenges, no matter if it is a next marathon or something in everyday life.
      You have to train your mental muscles. Winning is a mental battle -German Silva
      Set your goals now
      I have learned to set my long-term goals and so I have time for training in the broadest sense. When I was 18 I had to choose for myself what I was doing to do with my life. Did I want to continue growing up in the small business of my father or did want to run. I knew in my heart I wanted to run, but had no idea if I could make a living with it. My father did not even believe me, and told me I've never seen anyone living from what he earns with running. I decided to follow my heart and I completely dedicated myself to train for three months to earn money in a race. So I was looking for a race with good prize-money: 10,000 pesos for first, 6,000 for second and 4,000 for third place. I had to get in the top 3 to pay the rent and the meals . So in that sense I focused, I trained and prepared myself. I came in in second place and decided to run to earn a living. That's where my heart was.
      Set a goal, focus, get ready and you’re going to succeed in life. It is the rule of life -German Silva
      I learned to set goals for three months. So I spent another 3 months to earn money for my workouts. Many runners in Mexico today do not know how to establish a long-term goal. They run every weekend. When you’re running every weekend looking for a victory it is not possible to build a good physical condition. With only running you are not building a physical condition. You also need to rest to recover. Train and rest. You always need a goal to work for. Companies also set goals. For example, for a period of 5 years. During that period, you work hard to make it a successful business. Then it makes a "pause" and sets a new goal. That is, the rule of life.
      Dream and continue
      Be consistent in achieving your goals. Many people start motivated but lose their motivation along the way. As well, they are fearing to achieve their objectives and set ‘more realistic’ goals. And thus, will be one of many who fail to achieve their goals.
      Take the example of children, they dream and think big .They want to be president, or football player or a pilot. And when they take action, their dreams often are suffocated by an adult.
      As a child I saw the Olympics on television. That was my dream. Represent my country at the Olympics and hear the national anthem playing for me! Watch the flag of my country and bring home a medal. Such an image can assure you to be motivated to train and never give up.
      Many people fail because they change goals "more realistic" -German Silva
      Being realistic is important, but it means something else. For me, being realistic is to invest in a physiotherapist and good nutrition. As an entrepreneur, you can not stop investing. So I had my own company, I invested in myself. When I got injured I invested in rest and physical therapy. Early in my career I spent three hours in travelling forth and three hours back for a one-hour workout. I invested in a coach to teach me the right things and I worked hard. And that brought me untold victories. It was not because of crossing the finish line first, but it was the training I had put into it. The hard work made the victory so beautiful. I cannot describe it. During training I had seen it all, I had already experienced and visualized.
      When I was training for a marathon the toughest intervals training was 15 times 1 kilometer and each with a break of 200 meters or 1 minute. All of these intervals I had to run in less than three minutes and the last one had to be the fastest. When I arrived at the track I knew it was going to be difficult. I felt fear and desire at the same time. And once done, the satisfaction you can comprar to winning. Therefore, winning a marathon is not a new feeling. I had trained my will. If you run to win, it is a physical and mental battle and you will win more races mentally than physically. I could look at my opponent and I knew I would win. As in everyday life, the victory is in your head.

        Goodmorning run Castricum, May 31

        Runners from different places, Heemskerk, Heiloo, Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Leiden, Rotterdam and ofcourse from Castricum enjoyed their run under the guidance of German and Dirk. And yes, afterwards: a cup of coffee and applecake!

          German guest in final of 'Sport&Trops' in Madrid, May 16-17

          Last weekend German was present as a guest at the final of ´Sport&Trops' in the Centro de Alto Rendimiento in Madrid. Various primary schools sought victory in athletics, handball, basketball, soccer, cycling and knowledge.

            May 7, Successful kick off marathon training

            A large group of runners attended last night at the Olympic Stadium the kick-off of the marathon course. Under the guidance of coaches John Kist and German Silva, they did a short training. Before, German gave a short presentation on his vision regarding the marathon preparation. The majority of the participants is preparing for their first marathon in the autumn. Most of them have planned their debut at the TCS Amsterdam Maratho, however there's a large group going to the NYCM. Isn't it great to be prepared for this marathon by the two-time winner of the marathon !

            Registration for the courses either for the full or half marathon is still possible. On May 21 at 19:30 the first training is on the program.

              May 2015, Heroe in Runnersworld

              In the May edition of Runnersworld NL, German remembers with a big smile, how he took the'wrong way' in the New York City marathon, 20 years ago.German is not an unknown runner in The Netherlands, where his wife was born. Nowadays, he lives there. I love the country and running is my job, that you can do everywhere!

                May 2, Training with German

                Under the guidance of German, last Saturday, a nice group of runners ran through the dunes of the Amsterdamse Waterleiding near Noordwijkerhout. Runners came from different parts and enjoyed a pleasant experience. Ofcourse, the challenging exercises couldnt be skipped!

                  March 28, Runner's Symposium

                  The runners symposium organized by the Eindhoven Marathon together with Sportmax and the Fontys Sporthogeschool was a succesful event last weekend. Runners could learn a lot of top athletes and in the afternoon join a training given by German.

                    March 21-22, a weekend marathon in two days

                    Reto Real takes place in one weekend, first day you have to run a 26k and the second day 16k in the challenging mountains of Real de Catorce, Mexico. German won in a time of 3:07.12

                      The wisdom of Isidro Rico

                      12027079_964183823622869_479789005390861933_o (3)As time flies, I suddenly realize that you can really get tired of running, however it also rejuvenates you! I really consider myself very lucky, it’s been 30 years now I started running. What started as an illusion and a huge desire to represent Mexico in the Olympic Games, became a reality. I retired from […]
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