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header_web_mediamereMediaMere is a dynamic media company with over ten years of experience in the field of ICT. Our passion for quality and speed distinguishes us from others and characterizes our information and communication technology company . We have a young and professional team that every day commit themselves to the right results.ASM

Allround Sports Massage (ASM) is a sports massage practice , developed from the visión: TREATING OF THE PROBLEM. That means: no symptom treatment, but very focused on finding out the cause / source of the injury and adapt the treatment.  Our approach is based on sports massage combined with other massage techniques and manual treatment methods; an all-round treatment, both preventive and rehabilitation.  Designed for athletes and non-athletes.


When knowledge, creativity, insight, experiences and perseverance are combined, something new is created. A vision which inspires people to work towards a common goal. We want to share knowledge about food supplements and successful
enterprise because we believe that sharing is the basis for success. Beyuna is about helping others with the same motivation and drive to make the Beyuna business concept a worldwide success. “Your Future in Control.”

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