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German was the Olympic coach of Mexico’s best female marathon runner (2:22:59). Currently, he coaches runners of all levels towards their specific goals. German is anything but a standard trainer: accessible, human and very special as mental coach. Specialized in the half and full marathon. Based on an assessment he makes a personal trainingschedule. Training with German also brings unique privileges, as beautiful dune trainings, be paced during your marathon or training in an exclusive small group. Running alone with German is much more than a work-out, it’s a life-time experience.
Training packages:

  • Personal running session: 75 euros incl. and following sessions 60 Euro incl.
  • Personal online schedule first month: 125 euros incl. Following months 75 euros incl.
  • Training with a couple of friends (minimum of four) 230 euros incl. per person per month, incl. personal schedule, two running sessions per month, direct contact and feedback, 15% discount at All4Running.
  • German as your personal coach, 400 euros incl.  per month, incl. personal schedule, running sessions, direct contact and feedback, competition strategy and 15% discount at All4Running.
  • A lecture and running clinic for your business: on request

Complete assessment:

  • Intake • Running Test • Test: endurance, speed, strength, recovery and mentality • Conclusion and first schedule: 250 euros incl. Duration: 90 min. Following evaluations: 125 euros incl.
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