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In the mountains of the Sierra Madre in northern Mexico live the Tarahumara (Raramuri) Indians. During the sixteenth century, they retreated in its deep canyons to escape the Spanish conquerors. Today they are fighting to protect their land against the drug cartels, government and companies that want to exploit its mineral wealth.
They have always been running to pass messages and have communication between families. It is an important part of their lifestyle. They call themselves rarámuri which translates as “the people who run”. They run for fun, not for sport.
The Leadville Trail 100 miles 1993 was won by Victoriano Churro 55 years old, with a time of 20:03:33, he is the oldest winner ever. There is a complex network of roads linking small communities of between 3-7 families sharing the work and farmland. One of the communities is Munerachi in the canyon, eight hours from the nearest town and it is the home of Antonio Luna, a friend of Germán Silva, whom he met during his participation in the Ultra Copper Canyon “Caballo Blanco “. Antonio lived almost a year outside his community in the house of the Silva family. He is a young father of two children and is engaged with family and friends, in the production of traditional bracelets to support the needs of their community. The bracelets are sold also by German Silva.




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